Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

Rachel Morgan and the crew are heading cross country in Book Nine from the Hollows series by Kim Harrison..  Things heat up between Rach and Trent in this volume, and all sorts of deviltry and witchery ensue.  I still want to smack Rachel upside the head more often then not, but you gotta love the red-heads who are always trying to do the right thing.  I’m still debating over how book wraps up – why are powerful women always written up to feel like they need to constrain their power in order to “be themselves”?   I don’t get it.  It is all kick-ass and take names until “love” is involved, then they castrate themselves to prove how good they are.  Well maybe castrate isn’t the right term.  A male hero certainly wouldn’t voluntarily cut his dick off to win the woman of his dreams, would he?  So why should the female protagonist have to.  Especially with how “special” female demons are… considering there are only two left, and that what makes them special is their ability to hold a soul inside them – you’d think Ms. Harrison would just let Rachel rip. 

But in spite of that, I love this series and I really did like Pale Demon.  I wish I could pull off a skin tight white leather dress!

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2 Responses to Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

  1. ryoko861 says:

    Don’t eat for two weeks, drink nothing but water. Go for it!

  2. Wazeau says:

    “don’t eat” lol. Two words that never combine in my philosophy.

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