Play With Fire and Blood Will Tell by Dana Stabenow


Since they recently came out on Kindle, I’ve been buying and re-reading the earlier Kate Shugak novels by Dana Stabenow, one of my favorite writers.

Play with Fire is a rather disturbing mixture of mushrooms, fire, and fanaticism.  This was the first Stabenow book I ever read.  I checked it out of the library because of the cover, curious about a mystery series based in Alaska and featuring a native protaganist.  I read it and was immediately hooked.  Disappointingly, the library did not have the early volumes but I read every one after that over the next few weeks.   You cannot believe how happy I was when they released the e-book versions of A Cold Day For Murder – and free no less!

I think part of what hooked me on the series and the writer was the ending.  While not wanting to spoil it, it was satisfying in that it fit the story and the character (Kate), but unsatisfying as well.  I closed the book feeling pretty much the way I would imagine Kate felt.  Freaking unsatisfied, wanting to dish out some justice personally, but knowing that she had done all she could at that time, and having to live with it.

As for Blood Will Tell – Kate in Nordstroms.  What more can you say.  I laugh every time I think back on it.  And I can just see that little smile on Kate’s face as she witnesses Jack slowing realizing what he has unleashed on the men at the gala.  Priceless. 

This series is very much recommended for anyone interested in a strong woman protaganist, a community with great depth, an excellent writer and story-teller, not to mention Alaska from someone who knows it and loves it deeply.

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