City of Dragons by Robin Hobb


Volume Three of the Rain Wild Chronicles was pretty much on par with the first two in the series.  Not my favorite series (that would be the Farseer Trilogy) but I enjoy Robin Hobb’s worlds and will certainly read the last, hoping of course that the dragons show the Chalced’s and all the others coming to ransack their new City what’s good for them!

I think one of the main reasons I’ve enjoyed all I have read by Robin Hobb’s is her ability to make me interested in her protagonists even though I don’t think I would much like them if I met them in real life – and then watching them evolve – some for the better, some not.  I love the dragons because each one is a real character – with some things in common with humans, and some very much alien.  Her characters (people and dragons) are all complex creatures – none of them are all good, none are all bad – but all are real.  Well, real to me while I’m reading!

This one ended before I was ready (which is a good thing, right?), and I wished for a lot more.  Hopefully, the last book, Blood of Dragons, will satiate me.

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